Friday, 6 May 2011

Canvey: The CIIP’s Island Fortress

Smile NevilleTHIS MORNING’S LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS set a defining moment in Canvey Island’s, and perhaps England’s, political history. Its home-grown Canvey Island Independent Party (CIIP) has successfully demonstrated that it is perfectly possible to gain, and retain, political power based upon a strategy of deceit, misrepresentation, secrecy – and attempting to discredit opponents at every opportunity.

By a significant majority, islanders voted to retain their CIIP representatives, throw good money after bad, and pursue the only aim that the Canvey Island Independence Party stood for in these elections: complete political separation from the mainland.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

CIIP Discussion Board Stands As A Unique Testament To The Quality Of All Its Members

Only you have the powerI BEGAN THIS BLOG two years ago, as a simple experiment to see if there was still a market for local news. Over the past several years the traditional local press had been forced to rationalise its reporting staff, and introduce other cost saving measures, as local advertisers withdrew their support in favour of much cheaper electronic advertising in conjunction with an internet presence.

I was interested to see if the staff cuts had compromised the ability of local papers to keep on top of what was happening in their area – or whether they might have inadvertently provided an opening for freelancers, like myself, to capitalise upon.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Will Local Resident, Upset, Be The Next To Be Banned From The CIIP’s Discussion Board?

Upset rides into battleTHERE IS GOOD EVIDENCE to suggest that the real reason Bill Sharp was permanently banned from the Canvey Island Independent Party’s discussion board had nothing whatsoever to do with Neville Watson’s public announcement that his party was being denied its ‘right to reply’ on the Conservative’s Methane, Mud & Memories Blog.

In fact, the idea that Neville - or any other members of his party - have had their posts removed for anything other than posting hopelessly off-topic; trying to create a totally irrelevant thread; or attempting to libel others is strenuously denied by that Blog’s Webmaster, Colin MacLean (whose empty panels in his Blog’s readers’ forum provide testament to his laisez faire moderation).

Monday, 25 April 2011

Neville Watson: ‘I do not hold rank in the Independent Party therefore I was not representing the party's views’

Red-faced NevilleRESIDENTS WILL BE ASTONISHED TO READ Neville Watson’s latest statement on the CIIP’s Discussion Board in which he refers to his acceptance of Bill Sharp’s apology, made upon his party’s behalf, regarding an ill chosen phrase on a Tory election leaflet.

Watson’s statement appears to have been written at the same time as he deleted the comment he made - so that the public can no longer see what he actually said!

The previous speculation, in this Blog’s last article (regarding the CIIP’s use of Watson as a fall-guy for this year’s election campaign) has now been given further weight as residents are now being asked to believe that nothing Neville has said on his party’s sites, or the MMM Blog, has Canvey Island Independent Party approval.

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